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We are a registered non-profit based in Manitoba. Our members study or work in the agricultural, agri-food and agribusiness sector in Manitoba and across Canada. We welcome all women at all stages of their careers and from all sub-sectors of the industry or agribusinesses, from primary to tertiary levels, on- and off-the farm.  

We are driven by our passion for the industry, its people and the agribusiness sector and to support each other's goals. We work to create positive change, and advance equality and inclusion for the betterment of our work places and industry.  

We are a member's driven group where everyone can voice their opinions and achieve success and pursue their goals with everyone's support.  We embrace diversity and inclusion in its full extent and strive to serve all women including those in underrepresented groups.

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To inspire and support women to achieve their career and business aspirations.

To advance women's satisfaction with their work in the agriculture and food sector.

  • Networking to build connections within our membership, with other women in the sector and with agricultural organizations, provincially and beyond

  • Promoting roles and businesses on our webpage and social media

  • Identifying opportunities for advancement, learning and economic 


  • Identifying opportunities for participating and or leading learning, training and 

     networking activities of all women including those in underrepresented groups

We believe that: Capacity transcends time.
Three generations of women
We believe that: 
Working together benefits everybody and our industry.
We believe that: We are all part of the industry.
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