Membership categories & annual fees (will be increased after the Covid19 pandemic)

  • Student and people in transition (e.g., between jobs, new grads, etc): $25.00

  • Employed: $40.00

  • Small businesses of 2-5 members: $70.00 

  • Organizations of 6 or more members:  please, contact us

Become a member!

Simply pay your feed by email:, and

include the following information for our directory:  First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone number, email, work place and position or indicate "student" or "in transition".


Want to explore the group?  

  • Attend 2 meetings for free

  • Attend our events

Membership benefits

  • Networking and learning events for free or at discounted prices

  • Featured on our social media 

  • Members can announce their pertinent events and opportunities on MWAF webpage and social media​

  • Access to MWAF's secret group, i.e., MWAF Members Group, to connect and share with others, and advance their goals

  • Participate in meetings and receive the meeting minutes

  • Receive the MWAF newsletter

  • Do you need support to grow your career or business?  Share with us and we'll explore how best to support your goals

  • Advertise your business on our webpage for free

Corporate Membership & Sponsorship

You can support MWAF by becoming a corporate member or through sponsorship. See a summary of sponsorship levels and benefits here. Contact us to learn more, 204-487-4980,

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