To succeed in your venture you MUST have business plan. We offer you a series of workshops where you'll write it guided by experts plus, a subsidy to cover 50% - 75% the cost. Open to any woman across Canada and all businesses in agriculture & food. 

The program: Consists of a series of workshops on Wed, morning or evening. Delivered by WECM.


Dates/times: Please, see times and dates and register on WECM's calendar for the Business Plan Development Workshop Series

Cost: $231 including tax. Our subsidy is 75% for MWAF members and 50% for non-members. Non-members have the option to become a member and receive the 75% discount. We’ll provide the funding until it’s exhausted.

You MUST confirm eligibility in order to qualify for the subsidy.  Contact MWAF's Chair, Laura Lazo, at 204-487-4980, or  


This is possible thanks to our partners Farm Credit Canada, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development,The Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba and World Trade Centre Winnipeg (WTC Winnipeg). DETAILS

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Industry Leadership Learn & Lead Seminar - March 10, 2021

Do you lead a team or do you aspire to take a leadership role? You need to be aware of the qualities required to truly lead and those that can impact the team an result in disengagement.


The session is about leading and team leaders as highly-motivated people, how they feel about themselves and their responsibilities, the assumptions they make unconsciously, and the impact they have on the groups’ dynamics. Despite best intentions they may create disillusion in the group, but also use their qualities to build the team.


Among other things, the session discusses:

  • Personalities of leaders and their impact on their lives and on the people they lead

  • The importance of emotional intelligence, how to engage and respond to different personalities

  • Motivation and de-motivation of people in the team

  • The importance of self-reflection about our own feelings and assumptions before talking to staff or team members or making decisions

  • Resisting the need to solve a problem, and instead asking more questions and be a better listener

  • The importance of celebrating more often

  • The importance of diversity of thought in the board