These videos are made by us and our associates.  Their goal is to shine a light on what women in agriculture do. 

Videos by FarmHers Get Reel 


These videos were created by Manitoba farm women as a way to express their passion and the diversity of farming in our province


Our kids, MB’s future farmers

Manitoba's future in agriculture

2 Apr 2021

These kids are learning about responsibility at a very young age. Learning to care for an animal and putting their needs ahead of their own.
With wide open spaces to run and play it cultivates creativity. Building forts and making a farm in Mom's garden. 
Kids learn about the cycle of life real quick.  The anticipation of new kittens the mamma barn cat had. 
Kids learn to appreciate the land and soon learn the process of seeding to harvest.
The future of agriculture in Manitoba is in good hands. 🌱

Farm women's buckets

19 Mar 2021

There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘filling your cup’. Us, farm ladies, have a different spin on it. We are helping each other ‘fill our buckets’. 

There’s always a lot going on on the farm. Stress can be a real battle. It can feel very isolating, both literally cause your often in the middle of nowhere Manitoba but also mentally because there is nothing else quite like farming. 

Luckily there are plenty of farm women (and men) that are keen to help ‘fill each others’ buckets’. They are the kind of people that will lend a helping hand (or tractor) when needed. That will encourage you to take a break even when it seems impossible. That will remind you how far you’ve come and how lucky you are to live this lifestyle. 

Together, we are filling our collective bucket so that we can take care of our livestock, our families and each other. And trust me, this is gonna work cause farm women KNOW HOW TO FILL A BUCKET OR TWO!  Cast

Gate Girls

19 Feb 2021

We are Manitoba Women in Agriculture!!  We are gate girls, equipment operators, lunch makers, moms, fitness enthusiast, outdoor lovers, livestock stewards and so much more! 

We love our lifestyle, even when it’s cold and even when it’s tough. 

We love our neighbours and our fellow farmers. Our gates are open!


MWAF's Videos 

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